SNC is very lucky to have such a giving community and at this time we would like to thank all of our volunteers for all of the wonderful things they do and have done to enhance our students’ experiences at school. From volunteering in the classroom to assisting on school trips, your assistance is much appreciated.

Unfortunately, during this time we cannot have any parent volunteers in our school. It may be possible to volunteer at a later date if and when current restrictions are lifted. In the event that this happens and you wish to volunteer to help out in any way at St. Noel Chabanel Catholic School, please be aware that a current Criminal Background Check (CBC) with a Vulnerable Sector Screening is required to be on file with the office. This applies to all school-related activities including driving students, assisting around the school with hot lunch, or accompanying students on class trips. 

A Criminal Background Check is valid for one year. Each year thereafter, you may complete an Annual Declaration Form (AOD) at no additional cost. To be able to continue to volunteer in our school, please pick up this form from the office.

Please note that a parent will not be permitted to volunteer at the school or participate in class excursions without a valid and up-to-date CBC or AOD.