Mr Ebys Grade 3 Room

Mr Eby's Grade 3 Class 
May Newsletter

May is a very busy month for us. Catholic Education Week is from the 6th to the 10th. We will be having a poetry contest. We had to move our finals to 12pm on the 10th to accomomadate a fun activity that the kids will be doing that morning.
Our class will be doing the Mass on the 9th. As always you are welcome to join us. Not all students will be helping out, just the volunteers. Check with your child if they are helping out in some way.
EQAO is at the end of the month. I will be sending out another notice on school days after I talk with administration and the other teachers involved. It is important to remind the students that there is no pressure on them. But do remember the importance of a healthy breakfast and a goodnights rest (minimalize the fortnite before bed...haha) on a test day.
Lastly we are wrapping up our social studies unit on Ontario. Each student will be completing a project comparing 2 Canadian cities. I have sent a note home explaining the project. As some parents may not have recieved it, I will send it on School days as well. I will give them some time to do research at school. Please do look over what they have done on the weekend. This will play a big part in our final Social Studies grades.

Mr Eby


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Important Dates

Reading folder sent back to school every Monday
Library day Thursdays
May 3 PA Day
May 6-10 Catholic Education Week
May 8 Social Studies projects due
May 9 Mass at school. Our class leads
May 10 Poetry Finals in Library 12pm
May 20 Victoria Day School Closed

May 28,29,30 EQAO testing(more information to follow)