Mr Eby and Mrs Boyd's Class

Mr Eby And Mrs Boyd's JK/SK Class


Almost There.

A very big thank you for the parents who helped us on our trip last month. It was a little cold, but the kids all had a lot of fun. This month we are going to try to have a little bit of fun as our year comes to a close. We will be having a few theme days so please keep an eye on the important day section.

As we approach the end of the year please take a look around your house for any forgotten library books or readers. It costs the school a lot of money to replace these books. It is a big help if they return back to school so the money can be spent on other items.

There has been a time change for our Celebration of Learning. Our Celebration of Learning will be on June 1st this year. It will be a concert performed by the students followed by a slide show. The show will now start at 2:15pm in the gym. Please do not go visiting classrooms, as we the only classes performing that day. Students are expected to return to the classroom with their friends. If you wish to take them home please sign them out at the office and they will be called down.

As the weather is changing we thought of a few things worth mentioning. Please make sure that your child can put on their shoes on independently. If they have laces they need to be able to tie them or have laces clips. They become undone frequently and we have already had a few falls caused by undone laces this year. Also sunscreen needs to be applied before school. We cannot apply it, and the kids like to share (skin allergies make this a huge problem). The weather can be very unpredictable. Layers are always best. A sweater can be put in the back pack if it warms up, but we do not have extra sweaters if it gets colder.

The last pizza day is Monday May 29th. Please note if you have pizza ordered that is the last day the school will be ordering it. Our last Scholastic will be due June 13th. Im sorry about the quick turn around, but we want to make sure that orders come in before the end of the year.

We have taken a lot of pictures of the kids this year. If you would like some for your family please send us a data stick with your childs name on it during the last 2 weeks of school. I will transfer any photo's I can to you. Please understand that if another child is up front in the picture I cannot send it. Also please refrain from using them on facebook or other social media (in case another child is in the picture too).

Mrs Boyd and Mr Eby

Sight Words
Here are a few activities you can do to help your child learn their sight words.

-use magnetic letters to spell on a cookie sheet.
-scavenger hunt for words in books, magazines and newspapers.
-print words with sidewalk chalk
-make words with sticker letters or coloured tape
-use dry erase markers and white boards to write them.
-trace them in glitter glue, play dough or wikki sticks.
-put craft sand or shaving cream on a plate and write them with your finger.
-jump, hop or clap each letter.
-write the words on sticky notes and hide them around the house. Play hide and go seek.

Have Questions About Parenting?
Positive Parenting Program!
The website is a great resource for any questions or concerns that you may have. All families have challenges. Raising children is not an easy thing to do. Check out the website for some tips, questions and great resources for helping a parent or addressing topics that are difficult with your kids (i.e. death, divorce, drugs, bullying).

Important Dates

Wed Hot Dog day
Reading folder sent back to school every Tuesday
Library day Mondays
Milk Available everyday $1
(as supplies are available)

May 29 Last Pizza Day
June 1st Celebration of Learning (you are invited!!!) 2:15pm
June 2nd PA Day (no school for kids)
June 9th Teddy Bear Picnic-bring a stuffy and a beach towel. We will have lunch outside.
June 12th Last day for library (please look around for lost books)
June 13th Scholastic due
June 16th Snuggle up and Read (Your invited) 2:15pm
June 23 Unbirthday (let us celebrate all our summer birthdays)
June 29th Camp Day (and the last day of school)
June 30th PA Day (No school for students).

Centre Spotlight

Art Centre
Our class has created an open ended organic art centre. I am asking for any donations of items that the students could use to make art pieces. Ideal items are toilet paper rolls, masking tape, coloured paper, glitter, feathers, glue sticks, old wall paper, material, yarn, or anything else collecting dust that you do not need. Thanks

The Kinder Garden
We have built 3 gardens for our kindergarten classes. Students will take Science learning outside. We will learn about plants by planting seeds, growing plants, and harvesting veggies and flowers. Thank you to our community friends, Wasaga Beach Home Hardware, Joe Donato Construction, St. Noel Parent Council, and Owen Sign Craft for all their help.

Kinder Garden

Moose Monday
Every Monday Mr. Moose visits our class. Moose is new to our school and is very shy. When students write a letter to Moose and put it in his mail box, he writes back. Students then bring the letter home to share with their families. Students experiment with writing and practise writing their names (How else could Moose return their letters?)

As the year goes by the letters become more personal as he answers their questions and shares new stories. Have you seen a Moose letter? Ask your child today!

Mr. Moose

Science Centre
Students love the Science Centre because its interactive and provides open ended opportunities to discover and explore. The science centre changes through the school year to reflect student interests, seasons, and class themes. Rotating the items in the centre keeps the children engaged and keeps the Science Centre new and fresh. There are always new items to explore using our senses. 

Items are labelled with words and pictures and sorted into bins that explain how the children are to use them. There is another bin that provides Science themed books that they can take and read. Whether it's smelling smell bottles, observing discovery bottles, playing with magnets, or feeling different textures kids love to visit the Science Centre.
Has your child been to the Science Centre lately? 

Science Centre

Drama/Imagination Centre
Throughout the year the Drama Centre changes. It becomes a Church, Santa's Workshop, Tim Hortons, A house, A Post Office and many other locations. Students enter to engage in dramatic play. Dramatic play is more than just fun. It is also educational.

Dramatic play remains an integral part of a child's education by allowing children to develop their skills in many different areas such as abstract thinking, literacy, math, co-operative play and spoken language.

What did you child pretend to be today?

Imagination Centre

Students have so much fun looking for words all over the classroom. We have a set of theme words and picture cards that we have hidden (often in plain sight). Students take a worksheet, pencil and clipboard and have to find each word. After they find each word they write it on the worksheet. When they have completed the worksheet they return to show the teacher.

Which words did they find today?

Write Room