Mr Ebys Grade 3 Room

Mr Eby's Grade 3 Class 

October can be very busy as we head into our second month of school. We have Thanksgiving coming up and a fun day planned for Halloween as well. In Math we are practising counting by 2, 5, and 10's. In writing we will start giving more voice to our pieces and looking at writing with a point of view. In Science we will continue to do our work on structures and in Religion our theme is created and loved by God.

As Halloween approaches please be aware that we do have a nut allergy in our class. Any treats need to be nut free. Treats that can be taken home or items that are not eaten (stickers, pencils, etc.) are always really appreciated.

We will be doing scholastic orders this month. Remember that the books offered are usually sold at a discount when compared to the local book store. Your purchases allow us to order free books for the classroom. Please do not send cash. There is an option to pay online and they accept cheques. If the item is a gift and you do not want it seen please let me know I can hold it for you to pick up or put it in a shopping bag so the student will not see it. If you ever need to talk to me please leave a message at the office and I can get back to you at my next break. 

Mr Eby

Terry Fox What I want to Know Chart Already due.
Science due OCt 3rd
Spelling Sentences and Activities Thursday


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Important Dates

Reading folder sent back to school every Monday
Library day Thursdays
October 8 Thanksgiving
October 16 Scholastic due
October 18 Picture Day
October 25 Mass (9:30am)
October 31 Halloween Party